Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spoiler: Brach is the Half-Blood Prince!

This is my brother, Brach. He's a huuuuuuuge Harry Potter fan. This photo was taken last week, after returning from purchasing the newest HP book--5 days early in Canada. We were really sweating it at customs, but the fact that we are trained thespians helped us make it across the border with the book.

Note: While the hair is really Brach's, he normally wears contacts.

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dominousernamesleft said...

Awww Brach! I love you so much more than your attention hogging sister! She seems like such a slut anyway! No offense (she is your sister) but I think you are the cats meow!! Is that your real hair? It looks so good, what kind of conditioner do you use? Well, I hope you post more my cute little Bracholi!