Friday, July 15, 2005

Tomcat Stable

The super-sexy tomcats who have professed their love for me (in chronological order):

William of Mass Destruction

When he's not chowing down on weather-stripping, or dining on toilet parts, William spends his days dreaming of me (and doing other stuff, I suppose...). William invented and introduced me to the word "squillions," which is why I affectionately refer to him as "Squilliam." He is sleek and super-sexy and should win an award for his bad-boyishness (ref: weather-stripping and toilet parts). He was the first tomcat to profess his undying love and boundless devotion to me and he's never shown a lick of jealousy that I've added other toms to the stable. He's a true gentleman!


Don't let the photo fool you. Cute on the outside. Mischievous on the inside. Aside from that super-sexy, foofy tail (he describes it as "GINORMOUS"), his rambunctious attitude and devotion for me are what seal the deal. When he was a kitten, he was prone to bite and, even though his selfish humans trained it out of him, I have to admire his bad-boy instincts! And, when it comes to devotion to me? How can you resist a tomcat who serenades you with your own song!? Oh, yes...this baby got back!


While Zeus describes himself as "...your typical American Classic Tabby," I have to forcefully disagree! First, I don't allow "typical" toms in my stable. Super-sexy? You're in. Intelligent? I'll take you on! Zeus is both of these and more. He says he is a "handful" for his Human Pet and that is one of the things that makes him so enticing. I'm a sucker for a bad-boy and, based on his endless pursuit of me (the consummate bad girl), it's clear he has the right stuff! As for a glorious display of his undying love for me? Zeus penned a song in my honor!

Zeus' Catster Page

Miles Meezer

Miles has lofty goals in life. Aside from his constant pursuit of ham, he spends most of his time working toward his goal of standing on the ceiling of the bedroom. While very young, Miles is a voracious boyfriend and, if I ever asked, would probably give up all his ham for me. After all, when you claim to not have song-writing abilities and then pull off a magnificent tribute to me...that has to be love! While I don't advise calling him this (it's a sore spot for him), his Mom calls him...wait for it..."POOSIE." I think it's adorable, but he feels it threatens his masculinity. If you tell him I told you this, I'll deny it! By the way, I know he's going to be mad at me for choosing this photo (head in a cone), but aren't his eyes just delicious in this shot?

Miles' Catster Page


George is known around his house as a "Daddy's Boy" and waits on the bathroom vanity every morning while his Dad showers. From what I understand, he cries until he's picked up and carried into the kitchen where he helps get breakfast (perhaps drenching the cereal with his tears?). Then, he demands his Dad sit down and hold him for 5-10 minutes before leaving for work. I struggled with him being sort of a pansy, but then I read about his rare, but powerful bad boy hijinks and took him on as a suitor. 2 years my senior, the fact he is an "older tom" is a turn-on. Perhaps he can bestow some of that super-sexy wisdom on The Empress? To get his attention, I'd be willing to play stupid and let him be my guide...

George's Catster Page


In addition to being George's younger brother, Max does not like to be held or picked up. He barely passed "Lap Kitty" class but shows his affection in other ways--like throwing himself against the bedroom door at 4:30 AM until his Mom lets him in. Oh, I love those rebellious types! He claims not to have an exciting life, but come on! When you pursue The Empress, life is never boring! He's young, so I can't wait to show him the romantic ropes. As long as his eyes don't stray from my exquisite beauty and allure, this relationship is going to go well!

Max's Catster Page