Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Secret Big Brother 6 Houseguest!

Many of you have asked, "Why are you not blogging more regularly, Kukka?" I haven't been able to speak about it until now, but I'm the twist to CBS's Big Brother 6!

I probably thought "America's Next Top Model" was more of a natural fit for me. Me, too. But, when Big Brother came a-knockin' on my door, I wasn't going to turn down a summer of maxin' and relaxin' by the pool. And it's not like I can't get a modeling contract on my own...

For those of you who watch Big Brother 6 (it goes without saying that because I'm on there, it's EVERYONE), you know that each person was paired with someone they knew outside of the house and that these pairings were kept secret from the other houseguests. What you don't know is that every single person was told they were secretly paired with ME. Everyone thinks I'm their secret partner! While all of the "surface" secret alliances have been revealed, the fact that I'm plotting secretly with every contestant has remained hidden...until now.
The other part of the twist is that the houseguests don't know I am fluent in English and probably the most strategic player among them!

Don't believe me? Aside from my official BB6 headshot (above), here are some candid stills taken from the live feeds:

Here I am lying by the hot tub. Typical of
my strategy, I'm pretending to sleep while
April, Jennifer, Sarah and Rachel plot
their next moves. I learn a lot this way.

See me "sleeping" with my back to Ivette,
Jennifer and April? The "Friend-Ship" is
charting their course while I cleverly eavesdrop.

Janelle, Howie, Rachel and I are talking about
who to evict next. Someone from our posse
MUST GET Head of Household (HOH)
this week or we're screwed! I hope I get it...
I could use some of the "perks" that come with HOH
(namely treats, catnip, pictures from home, whiskey, etc.).

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