Monday, November 21, 2005

Anonymous Emailer

I received a troubling email this weekend from someone calling himself "Anonymous." Take a look at the email--the enclosed photo reminded me of NO ONE I KNOW THAT LIVES WITH ME (saute that last bit with buttery garlic and sarcasm). Typically, I ignore criticism from anonymous sources, but since this lil' guy was thoughtful enough to include a photo (albeit disguised), I feel I should respond.

Any ideas?

Dear Kukka-Maria,

I have some grievances to air:

  • You snore!
  • You are mean and bossy! Be nice to others.
  • Bury your waste better in the litter box. Your brother shouldn't have to surf over your turds when he does his business.
  • Wait for your turn at the food bowl--patience is a virtue.
Please deal with these issues so the rest of the house does not have to.

On a positive note, though, you are a good treat-getter. Keep it up, sister STRANGER!


1 comment:

Gigolo Kitty said...

Me Say, Snore Louder, Be Bossier, Crap All Over Box, And Grab Food Bowl! Show That You Can Take Constructive Criticism!