Thursday, December 08, 2005

Alright, who told Brach?!

Somehow, Brach happened upon my blog and noticed there were no baby pictures of him posted. So, to stifle the incessant whining, I've agreed to post some of his best baby shots here for all to see.

Yes, I know he wasn't as cute as a baby as I was, but keep this in mind: he is not of royal blood. Also, if I remember correctly, my mom was going through an "artsy black and white photo" phase. This was prior to her buying a digital camera. I'm glad she has her crap together now!

This was one of the first times he played with the battery-operated mouse chaser. You know, when I think about it, I think my mom bought that especially for his arrival! Hmmm...

I remember not wanting to sit back and allow this new guy to play with my toys. I made sure to make my presence known. After all, I was there an entire year before he showed up!

For the first few days, we spent a lot of time playing under the sweater rack. I would hide and attack Brach when he would pass by. Once he learned to do the same to me, I was fed up with the game.

This is a shot of him sleeping under the coffee table. For the first few days, he would hide from me...although, I am not clear why. Aren't swats at the face and bits on the neck generally accepted greeting practices? If you look closely, you can see how tiny he was compared to the soccer shoe he's snuggled against.

This is my favorite--mom's too. Mom's friend, Andy, came over to see the new baby and Brach sat, looking up at Andy when he was getting ready to leave. Again, he is so small compared to Andy's shoes!

Against my better judgment (because shouldn't the Empress have more baby photos of herself posted on her own blog?!), I am posting an extra picture of Brach. This one is in color, so you can see how pretty he really was.

Even though I pretend I'm disturbed by his presence, I am glad mom adopted Brach. Before he came to live with us, I was very lonely. I had come from an extensive royal family--with many brothers and sisters--to a quiet home with just a human lady. I enjoy playing with Brach and (if you repeat this, I will adamantly deny, deny, deny) I would consider him my best friend. One might even suggest...I love him.

I've said too much...


Miss Kitty said...

There's no shame in showing some love for your bro, Kukka-Marie. Brach was pretty darn cute for a boy kitty.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Kittens are so adorable. Then they grow up and torment us.