Wednesday, December 28, 2005

High on Christmas

My mom made some "Catnip Biscuits" (she double knits squares with yarn remnants and then fills them with catnip) for Brach and I.

I was sooooo stoned last night! From what everyone is telling me today, I was the life of the party!

As legend has it, after playing with a Catnip Biscuit for several minutes, I was seen running in circles and then charging down the hallway. I ran--full-force--toward the bedroom door frame, jumped up, used my claws to dig into the wood and hung in mid-air for what seemed like an hour (but was more like 5-7 seconds).

It wasn't long after that when I crossed from fun-loving-stoner to beligerent-and-disobediant-pain-in-the-ass-druggie. I proceeded to prod the laundry closet door over and over again, in an attempt to break in. From the police reports, I learned that my mom kept hissing, "KUKKA! STOP THAT RIGHT THIS MINUTE!" and turned the water bottle on me well over 20 times.

After my fur was completely drenched from the spray bottle, I finally passed out under the piano bench.

No one will make eye contact with me today.

I should really seek a 12-step program...or at least try to steal the car keys next time.


moseskitty said...

Yeah, but the hang overs the next day....

PleadingThe5th said...

Dear Kukka,

What should I do when Tabitha bogarts the Boogie Mats filled with catnip? We each got one for Christmas, but she chases me away and sits on both of them at the same time. P.S. she outweighs me by 12 lbs.



Kukka-Maria said...

Wow, Tiger...that's a toughie.

I say use your tiny stature to your advantage. I'm guessing the beefy Tabitha tires more quickly than you. Get Tabitha to chase you a bit--until she's winded. She'll collapse to catch her breath and the Boogie Mats are all yours.

If this doesn't work, bite her on the tail and run for your life!

Kelly Cat said...

Oh, wow.... I've done that, man... uh, I mean ma'am. Hee hee hee!

Now, Kukka, don't feel guilty about what you've done. There's no guilt in being a cat!

Happy New Year to you and Brach from me and the rest of the Good Cats!

one of us said...

Go for the car keys ~Poi Rats and Cats and Bun