Monday, February 20, 2006

Haiku Heaven

Fat Eric inspired us with his haiku honoring me and Brach (well, honoring mostly Brach because it spoke about me "bullying" the poor little guy...oh, now I can hardly keep a straight face while I type the words!).

Anyway, here are some of my own haikus.

Cat Pawtrait Contest
Giving me headaches galore!
Way too many cats...

Poor little Brach Lee...
Constantly bullied by me.
Suck it, Brach! I'm boss!!

Fat Eric is cool.
Spells favour with an "OU"
British accent purrs...

Our mom was so sick
Erupting from both ends...
Send more litter, please!!

(wow...that was deliciously disgusting!
I sprinkled "Kukka Love" all over it...)

Brach's Pawtrait clue is:
"One of my sleeves is pushed up."
That makes it easy.

Kukka's Pawtrait clue:
"Pristine white gloves, but wait--NO!!
That's pigment...not poop!"


beingmccrary said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Madre. I hope the erupting stops or slows down soon. Keep her filled with fluids! I have ordered more litter to be sent to the house!

Fat Eric said...

Ooh, a haiku about me!!! Thanks Kukka - I (almost) retract my allegations of bullying (but feel my first loyalty is to Brach as my brother-in-gingerness).
I really like your poems.

William said...

"...send more litter"! You are not only beautiful but very funny!