Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Princess Genevieve ROCKS!

I received my package of presents from Princess Genevieve yesterday. Remember? I won her 2nd Annual Birthday Contest?

Two words: Princess Genevieve is incredibly generous and wicked-awesome!

Here is what we received:
  • Two...oh yes, TWO bags of treats (our favorite flavors)
  • A packet of three jingly balls (that made our ears perk right up when Mom brought the box in the house because we could hear them in there)
  • Two mouse/raccoon/unidentified rodent creature toys. While we are not sure what they are, they are small, fuzzy and have bushy tails, and that's all the information we require to love them!
  • Mom also got a couple of bags of human candy (in which I had absolutely no interest, but it kept her out of my way, so I was happy).

Here are some photos of us opening and playing with our new stuff:

Brach stuck his nose in there first, which really pissed me off, because I was the contest winner, for crying out loud!

By the time I was able to check out the box, Brach had already pulled the card, with the fuzzy creatures on it, out of the box and was sniffing all over it! Hello...have you no manners? There is a greeting card in here that should be read first!

Mom took the fuzzy creatures--one black and one white--off of the display card and Brach immediately grabbed one and started tossing it around. He whipped it into the living room. He chucked it under the chair (and then came close to spraining his armpit as he miraculously retrieved it). He hurled it by the scratching post and then took it in his mouth to rest awhile.

We staged this shot about seven times because each time I flawlessly leapt and flicked, my mom amateur photographer wasn't ready with the camera. Don't I look athletic and not at all fat? If I thought I loved the toys before, after seeing this shot and how slimming these toys are, I would marry them if they would have me!

Thank you again, Princess Genevieve! For someone who claimed to not know what to buy for a cat, you certainly have a great deal of beginner's luck! The generosity you showed in honor of your birthday made a couple of cats (and a chocolate-covered mother) extremely happy!


The Meezers said...

Kukka, nofing efurr makes you look fat. Those toys look like so much fun! - Miles

Genevieve said...

oh, these pictures are adorable! I'm glad you had fun playing with the toys, and don't eat all the treats in one sitting!

Zeus said...

Those are amazing toys! Congratulations on winning the contest, Kukka-Maria!

Perhaps Brach was merely making sure that everything was safe for your consumption. After all, if the Princess Genevieve had possibly tried to poison you, he didn't want you to take the fall so he was going to handle it for you. He was just really looking out for you.

Kukka-Maria said...

Boy, you ginger kitties have fierce loyalty, Zeus! I still stand by the idea he was trying to toy-block.

PrincessMia said...

You look fabulous, dahling and not at all fat. Why would you? You are the Queen of Svelte.

catsmeow05 said...

Hey, great bunch of toys there!!! Congrats on winning the contest.
Sorry I havent stopped by in a while. My outdoor friends just had kittens and been kind of busy trying to get Moms attention away from them. Im not very good at it since all she seems to be doing is posting pics of them instead of me. But I do get more stinking goodness out of the deal. I just think she is feeling sorry for me.

Aloysius said...

Dear Kukka,

You look so adorable with that toy in your mouth that I'm really tempted to abandon my monkish existence and woo you.


Cruxley said...

What fun! You have that delightfully devilish look, and Brach looks suitably demented. I believe I'll leave these photos up on the monitor to remind my humans that they STILL have not replaced the exercise toys they threw away when Princess was crawling. And they have the nerve to call me fat and lazy.

Kelly Cat said...

Glad your mom showed the world your feline grace and agility as well as your beautiful face. But as a ginger tom, I must side with Brach about the goodies, because, after all, we male cats rule! Just the way it is...

Kelly Cat's human said...

The preceding comment was solely the opinion of Kelly Cat, and does not necessarily represent the views of any other member of this household, except perhaps Nicky.

DEBRA said...


What amazing gifts you recieved! I can understand your excitement. Brach was unable to control his excitement as well because of what you had done to win those most excellent toys.

You do look most svelte and agile in that photo of you with the mousie toy. It would make the most amazing shot of you as a model for that manufacturer of those toys.

Keep enjoyin your rewards!


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Wonderful pic of you and mid-air mousie! As the contest winner, it was very good of you to not thwap Brach after he took your toys.

DDK23 said...

You two are so cute! I am glad you won it lead me to your blog. My cat will enjoy reading about your adventures!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Awsome loot, furiends. Can I come ofur to play? I'll bring... um... half a long mousey toy. I left it in Mom's shoe so it smells good.