Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No, Mr. Halibut...I will NOT sleep with you!

I recently received an email that talked about Finnegan, a domesticated infant squirrel that was being cared-for and bottle-fed by a female human.

The woman's pregnant dog, a Papillon named Mademoiselle Giselle, was about ready to give birth. As Finnegan was sleeping in a cage near the laboring canine, Mlle. Giselle attempted to drag his cage toward her birthing spot--twice. A bit hesitant, the woman reluctantly let Finnegan out of his cage and the dog's maternal instinct kicked in.

Almost immediately after the pups were born, Finnegan spent hours nestled in the puppy heap with his new "brothers and sisters." After two days, Giselle even allowed him to nurse along with her five new babies.

Although shortly after the puppies were born, Finnegan went back to the baby bottle, he still spent hours and hours napping with his new litter mates.

I can tell you this: Empress Kukka-Maria sleeping with a squirrel is like sleeping with my food! That's ridiculous. I've never seen my mom sleep with a chicken or a carrot! Although, and she will humbly admit to this, she has dated quite a few men who were pussies, but I'm assuming they were cats--so that's okay.

While you know I am not a speciest--by any stretch of the imagination, you would never catch me in this situation! I can not imagine sleeping with my prey!!

Unless my food was hot, super-sexy and ardently set on meeting my every need. If you can find me a meal pet like that, count me in!

By the way, Finnegan the Squirrel, when you wean yourself from the bottle...call me!


Zeus said...

I cannot tell you how much I missed reading your serious and compelling journalism while my human pet was away, Kukka dear. This is just proof that other species have different cultural aspects to their behavior, and you are wise and sensitive to pointing this out to your admiring fans.

William said...

Now, Kukka, you know you wouldn't consider him prey if he were your little friend. I bet he'd be fun to play with!

Canberra BK said...

Dear Empress,

Jasmine loves your blog furry much and she loves to catch up on kitty blogs on her iPAQ using the RSS feed (she loves tech gadgets too). She told me that it looks like you're only publishing the 'short' feed and not the 'full' feed for your bloggie. This means she can only get the first paragraph of each entry instead of the whole thing. I don't really understand what this all means, but she asked me to ask you if you could check this in your bloggie settings? She said to look in the Settings tab --> Site Feed section --> Descriptions. Are the descriptions set to 'Short'? If so, would you mind changing it to 'Full'?

Thanks furry much,
Canberra BK