Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kukka Commerce

Do you find your heart is over-flowing with love for Kukka-Maria, but you have no way of displaying it?

Do you often wish you could be close to The Empress--so close, her essence would rub off on you?

Do you find yourself leaving the house nude because you don't have any stylish shirts?

Does your morning dose of caffeine get cold because it's served in a plain, ol' mug?

Do you find yourself dreaming of being a celebrity and wish you could be as glamorous as The Empress?

In response to the constant pleas for Kukka-Maria to design her own line of high-end casual wear, The Empress is launching a new collection for fall and you are invited to have the first look!

The Kukka Collection features designer duds that are sure to place you on the covers of tabloids around the world!

These are just some of the custom designs offered in The Kukka Collection!

"But, Kukka...can't I just go to my local Wal•Mart to pick up these items?"


The Kukka Collection is only offered in my exclusive online store. In fact, this collection is so exclusive, I am considering password protecting it to keep out the "undesirables." So, if you think you may be an icky outcast--or you have a history of being an icky outcast, you need to act now--before you are locked out for-ev-er!

Don't be the last on your block to sport this classy couture! Supplies are limited, so ACT NOW!


brandywine said...

We have a winner! Gone from the tabloids are the VonDutch, Hollister, and that Gucci trash....make room for Kukka-Maria. I'm thinking the WWKD shirt, but with your point/counter point record I may go with the BBQ apron. I'll send pic of, my owner wearing it by the grill. This idea beats the cat wigs by a long was only a matter of time! You, my dear Kukka, ROCK!

The Meezers said...

oh oh oh oh oh - I has to plan how to steal my mommy's credit card. or, maybe if i gives her the "cute look" she will buy me a t-shirt. I would still like a "hello kukka" doll though. :-) - Miles

Kukka-Maria said...

Oh, Miles. They have licensed the Hello Kukka doll and won't release them to me for resale.

This isn't the first time I've been had by a vendor using my likeness.


Renee said...

That's too cute Kukka! Your agent is worth every penny you're paying her.

DEBRA said...


First your own line of designer you'll own Wal-Mart!


The Meezers said...

OH OH OH - *doing happy joy joy dance on tippy toes* - mommy ordered me a T-shirt!!! - Miles

Kukka-Maria said...

Thank you so much, Miles! I should look into including a ham with every t-shirt order!

Just for you...

PrincessMia said...

Awesome! The whining will begin to get my beanmom to get some loot pour moi.

Kailani said...

I told DH that I was thinking of getting a Kukka-Maria coffee mug. He thinks I'm crazy and that maybe I joined a cult!

Kukka-Maria said...

Kailani, he may not be as crazy as you think. I have a crew of "Kukkans" who hang outside my house 24/7.

Won't you join them?


WIBlondie said...

Darn near the best thing I've seen online today! Kukka may just well be the next Media Empress. Move over Oprah! Kukka's here.


P.S. Does Brach sell t-shirts too? Something like "Brach - Same Name, Different Sweetie." Or, "I'm with the Empress."

Zeus said...

I just got my own coffee mug and a magnet. The coffee mug is so I can sip quietly the dark water while reading your delicious articles. The magnet is so I can stare deep into your blue eyes and pretend that you are speaking to me while I read your luscious words.

Renee said...

LOL about what you commented on my blog... re: Tomcats... DH's name is Tom.

Fat Eric said...

Wow! This really is the merchandise we've all be waiting for! I'm pretty sure my mum's credit card will work in dollars as well as pounds - just off to "borrow" it from her wallet right now!

William said...

Oh, Empress! I was saving for diamonds for you but I think I've changed my mind!

Now, if only I could remember when I get my allowance.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Where's the "Kukka-Maria: Empress of All Media" t-shirt? Or, better yet, a ball cap to wear when I've washed my fur and can't do a thing with it. Kukka, your agent seems to have her finger on the pulse of all that matters. You should give her a raise.
DaisyMae Maus

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh cool Kukka! We likes your shop lots. You gots superduper goodies! We putted your shop in our Kitty Kommerce linkies too! Now I gots to go find Mommy's credit card.

Carmen said...


Oooooh. Kukka gear. Must. shop. now.