Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Edition #21

As you may recall, I was nominated for a Share the Love Blog Award last week. As you may or may not know by now, I did not (no, that was not a typo) make the top five in my category: "Best Humor."

While I am thrilled that one of my Tomcat Stable members, Zeus, did make the top five in his category (and should be voted for as soon as you finish logging in your daily 5 hours at my blog), I can't help but feel a little like Leo DiCaprio when he was snubbed during award season (circa: Titanic). But then again, look at Leo this year. There's hope for me yet.

To help explain the fact my name is alarmingly absent from the top-five-in-no-particular-order list, may I present:

Thirteen Reasons The Empress'
Blog Just Didn't Cut the Cheese

[Editor's Note: I think she means, "Make the Cut."]

  1. Like Kukka, most of the voters prefer spelling "HUMOR" as God (and the British monarchy) intended it: HUMOUR. When they saw the category "BEST HUMOR," sans "U," they got confused and voted for the wrong site.

  2. There was a nasty and vindictive smear campaign, led by The Christian Right Canine Coalition, which mistakenly had people believing that a vote for my CAT blog was a vote to promote pornographic PUSSY.

  3. People claimed to be disgusted at my constant references to the "bestiality" I affectionately refer to as my tender and unrestricted love affair with Brad Pitt. "Disgusted?" Try jealous...

  4. There were countless questions about my "alleged" porn star career. I was young. I was new to show business. Don't judge me. And I would hardly call myself a porn star. I was more of a porn extra.

  5. I heard Tom Jones was a poll-worker for the survey and, remembering how I upstaged him in a duet last year, threw out the majority of my votes. Boo, Tom Jones...Boo.

  6. With all the posts (and comments, thankyouverymuch) about my super-sexy multiple nipples, people believed it was a pay-to-play porn site, so they never came to check it out. People. You should know by now that I consider bringing my multiple nipples to the masses (free of freakin' charge) my life's mission. "Let no man, nor beast, be cast away from Kukka-Maria's voluptuous teats because of fiscal inferiority!"

  7. There were a myriad of sites posting concerns that if I were to make the top five, the gravitational pull from the sudden inflation of my ego could accelerate Global Warming, change the oceanic tides and spark Armageddon. Sudden inflation of my ego? My ego has been gradually and consistently growing for years. Plus, isn't this "Global Warming" thing just a myth? Sort of like Oprah's "engagement" to Stedman?

  8. It was rumored that the five finalists were going to face off in a fierce dance-off where it would be no surprise I would dominate. The other nominees, completely intimidated, begged to keep me out of the top five. You may have gotten your way this time, nominees, but I hope we don't meet in a back alley where there is a DJ, thumping house music and a glit...ter...ball...

  9. A lot of my co-nominees were funny mommies telling pee-in-your-pants stories of their hilarious kids. I was surgically altered, as a kitten, and am unable to produce a litter. Not one kitten. The horrific taunts from the other nominees still echo in my head when I close my eyes. "Kukka can't have baaaaabies...Kukka can't have baaaaabies!" Sure. Kick a barren bitch when she's down.

  10. Kukka frequently uses filthy and offensive words and phrases, like: OPRAH, STAR JONES-REYNOLDS, and EMPTY FUCKING FOOD BOWL.

  11. I'm already viewed as a "Triple-Threat," due to my noted success in film, music, and all-around super-sexiness. Adding a nod in literature would just be a superfluous honor.

  12. My polyamorous approach to dating (ref: My Tomcat Stable) is considered an "alternative lifestyle" and people are threatened by that. For the record, I am monogamous with each and every one of those sexy toms!

  13. The "Share the Love Blog Award" wasn't that into me. He just should have been upfront about his intentions from the beginning and called himself the "I Just Don't Like You Like That Award."


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Carmen said...

geesh. I KNEW there was a reason to explain the maddness. :) I just love that pic of you and tom jones.

Renee said...

I'll agree with Carmen and accept these reasons for why she & I were not put in the final 5 for our categories either.

Tom Jones is very jealous of us!

The Meezers said...

sorry this is off topic of your wonderful TT (and I fought you was ripped off not being nominated) I turn this comment ofurr to Miles, if he can stop crying (he is still only 1, so he's sensitive)- Sammy

::sniff sniff sob sob:: bwwwaaaaa sniff sniff sniff. Kukka, my balentine to you was maded from my heart, and you are the bestest of the bestest, and I fought you would see that. I would gif you all of my ham if you askded, and you can call me Poosie too if you wants. waaaaaaaaaaa

sniff sniff :wipes baby blue eyes with a shaking paw:: - and I too fought you was ripped off for not being nominated. - Miles

Sparky Duck said...

Kukka, you are just having an awful awards year, first no Miss Litterbox, now this?

local girl said...

This post should win an award in itself! ROFL! How could you NOT make it to the finals? I think the voting is rigged (well, let's hope it's rigged in my favor anyway! lol!).

K T Cat said...

A catwa waas issued. People disobeyed. Great will be their wailing and gnashing of teeth as they toil endlessly in the tuna mines!

Darla said...

Clearly, Kukka, you're ahead of your time. Sadly, visionaries are never honored in their own lifetimes.

Spirit and Ezra said...

Spirit sez... Kukka! Obbveeuslee Miles is furry sorry for for what he did. He luvs you. Let him stay in the Tomcat Stable.

Susan said...

ha! at least you HAVE a blog, Kukka! Susan still hasnt finished ours. we woulda voted for you tho, dude, seriusly. by the way the food thing is totally working man. Susan is starting to really flip out. ha! she acts all hardass "you guys better like that stale food cause that's all you get til you clean your bowls!" blah blah blah blah... if we hold out long enough shell totally cave. take it easy, chica, from SAM (& Lucy... whatever)

Mert said...

You slay my Kukka! You're To sexy for their award, if I must say so. Don't worry, I don't swing that way... I just know beauty when I see it.

As far as I am concerned, they are not worthy. :O)

I didn't make the cut either, for Most Inspiring... or blogger you would most like to meet. I'm sure I'll live :D

Christina said...

Awww, Kukka, I voted for you. Those other people just don't get it. Clearly, as darla stated, you're ahead of your time.

Zeus said...

What a freakin' relief!

No matter if I be poor or rich, I can always come to the teets. Praise God! Praise Allah! Praise the Jewish God!

As for not making it, clearly, they were intimidated. There's no doubt of that. I agree: It would have just been another honor amongst the many, indeed, superflous.

Qtpies7 said...

Haha! Thats a great list! I think I'll have to bookmark you and keep visiting.

Spirit and Ezra said...

Ezra sez... We voteded for you and tolded all our furriends to too. The world just ready for you yet.

Spirit sez... Kukka, will you tell Brach that it's OK if he can't make it to the party tonite cause our Momma's not sure if we can go either.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Three words: You ... Were ... Robbed.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

That was hysterical. The best laugh I've had in a long time!

I agree with daisymae: You were robbed!