Thursday, March 08, 2007

14 Possible Tabloid Headlines About Latest Paparazzi Shot

  1. Empress Drowns Sorrows in Vat of Vodka.

  2. Kukka-Maria Demands to be Photographed Through Multi-Faceted Glassware, Claiming it Makes her Look "Freakishly-Sexy."

  3. Feline Aqua-Muzzles, A New Hollywood Trend.

  4. Empress Wears Glasses--And We Don't Mean Corrective Lenses.

  5. Feline Blogger Sneezes and Fills a Cup!

  6. Famous Blogging Cat a Seasoned Alcoholic: "I Don't Need No Stinkin' Straw!"

  7. Kukka to Be Handy Drool Receptacle Spokes-Model.

  8. Empress Refuses to Hydrate from Bowl on Floor: "I'm Not an Animal!"

  9. New Ice-Hydrating Spa Treatment a Fav of Kukka-Maria.

  10. Feline Royal Spotted Getting Cozy with New Waterford Crystal Heir Boyfriend!

  11. Kukka-Maria's Legs Look Curiously Short. Has She Been Wearing Secret Stilts?

  12. Intoxicated Empress Entertains Party Guests by Going Topless and Bobbing for Ice Cubes.

  13. Empress' Beer Hat on the Fritz: "I'm Drinkin' Old School, Bitches!"

  14. Proof: The Empress Looks Good in ANYTHING!

What have YOU read about this photo?


The Meezers said...

well, number 14 is true. I haf read that Kukka is designing a speshul line of glassware for kitties and that she was testing out the headroom and tongue capacity in the glass. - Miles

Cheysuli said...

I head she was playing quarters with Barbara Walters (and loosing--Babs has a wicked toss).

K T Cat said...

Empress shows off latest line of coasters available now at Cafe Press!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Like me, you prefer your liquid refreshment a glass. Tell me dear, do you dip your delicate paw in and swirl the ice? And, most importantly, do you tip it over when no one is looking?!


Renee said...

lookin beautiful dahling!

Zeus said...

Empress Kukka-Maria Has Face Permanently Altered for Easier Alcoholic Binges

DaisyMae Maus said...

"Empress and Agent in hydration dispute. Empress really has to work for her vodka!"


Sparky Duck said...

Proof the Empress has dentures

Carmen said...

I read that Kukka knows how to use her tongue. Ok, that was bad. It's 8:45 a.m. - what do you expect?

Pooh used to drink milk out of glasses that were left on the table. He got his head stuck once, got mad at me for laughing at him, and never did it again. :)