Monday, May 19, 2008

Aerobic Stroking?

So, get this:

The Agent is lounging on the couch this weekend, so I see an opportunity to get my Love Tank filled.

She extended her paw; I walked under it, feeling her hand move down my spine.

As I felt her fingertips gently squeeze the tip of my tail, I turned and the weight of her wiggling fingers graced the nape of my neck.

We both just stood there, looking at one another, in a "stroking stand-off."

"Walk under my hand," she said lazily chuckling. "As you walk, my stationary hand will move over your back. It's petting AND exercise, Kukka!"


Should I have reminded her that I'm not the one whose "fat jeans" fit a but snugly this spring, after a winter of sitting on her ass?



The Meezers said...

exercise is only fun when you're watching the beans sweat and grunt through it. then you can take bets with your brothers when the mom is gonna stroke out or have to call the ambulance and have someone use the paddles on her.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I find it appalling the ways in which humans attempt to get us to do their bidding...

The Crew said...

Why are humans obsessed with our weight, when they should be looking in the mirror?! Mom is forever reminding me that I've gained a few measly ounces. But you don't see ME publicly chiding HER about her clothes that don't fit. And FYI Mom, my collar still fits me just fine!!!


PS Don't give in, Kukka. We all know you're perfect!

Renee said...

Hey I notice that my backside is bigger. I'm not happy about it. But it sure is easier to diet when everyone has to suffer.

DaisyMae Maus said...

We "aerobically watched" Mom shampoo the carpets this weekend while sipping from our cat bowl of ice water. We're beat ...

Derby said...

Hmmmm, mum does that first thing in the morning. She lays in bed and I walk back forth to get pets and scritches. Maybe I gotta make her move more.