Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Agent is Cheating on Us!

Remember my cousins, Zig and Wids? Ziggy (originally named "Grace," but that changed because The Agent's sister is fickle) and Wids (originally named "Lucy," but, because she is "widderer" (little-er) than Grace, she ended up being called "Wids" or "Widdy"), live in California.

Well...apparently, The Agent now has a new human nephew named Simon. It's the first time she's been an Auntie, so Brach and I were okay with her traveling to California to see him for a week.

What we didn't expect was her snuggling with Zig and Wids! Imagine our surprise when we saw THESE on her cell phone!

This is Zig...the 20(+) lb cat.
I hate that she's looking so super-sexy while draped in a glamorous cobalt robe!
How! Dare! She!'s Widdy, looking all "pet-me" like.
Apparently, while she has many of the same traits of her ginger-cousin, Brach
(like sleeping on the shelf in the closet, being a little more shy, etc.),
she unleashes the "pet-me-like-there's-no-tomorrow" belly rub stance like me!

The skank!

So...anyway...since The Agent's been back (a whole 3 hours), we've been ignoring her.

Well, I have.

Brach's way of "ignoring" includes leg rubs, loud purrs, and snuggles. I have more of a "tough-love" approach. I'm freezing her out.

Until it's time to sleep and I have to share a bed with her.

I refuse to sleep on...the floor!

I have my limits...


Cheysuli and gemini said...

The longer you ignore her the more she will bribe you with to get back into her good graces. Hold out Kukka Maria! Hold Out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your ?cousin? Simon is sure a cutie. But Kukka, by providing the link to Simon's blog, we can all see that the Agent is actually a kind and decent one, so it will be harder for you to uphold the image you have been giving of her :-)

Kukka-Maria said...

Don't be fooled, Anonymous. She's smooching on the kid, but she only give us treats 2x a day! WTF?

Anonymous said...

OMG - How could she... oh wait, she is the Agent. Of course she would do that to you.

The Meezers said...

ok, we saw Simon - he's such a cutie!! and we saw the agent. She looked like she was nice - to Simon. But we believe that she is a cheater and you should not let her get away with it.

The Crew said...

Betrayed...without a doubt, yes!! But don't blame poor Zig & Wids, Kukka. They're the innocent parties here.

The real culprit is Simon! These super-cute human blurpy's steal affection away from us and turn responsible adults into babbling idiots. I've seen it happen recently in my own home and it's very disturbing to watch.

Now that Agent is back home, things should return to normal, and you will again have the upper paw, Kukka.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, Empress ... Get in line! My momma was gone for TWELVE ... count 'em ... TWELVE days an' she petted, brought gifts for, and all-around fawned over NINE different felines! Imagine the smells an' fur that I had to remove from Mom before she was acceptable for cuddling again. Humans are the ficklest!