Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wait...You guys can actually UNDERSTAND what we say?!

Well, shit! No wonder The Agent denies me treats!

"Is he gettin' the treeths yet? Is he gettin' the treeths??"


Be sure to check out the original (non-translated) footage to hear what we have always believed you heard when we chattered. That is, until now.

I can't believe I've no more secrets!


The Meezers said...

oh Kukka, do you honestly believe that your agent listens to you anyway?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I'm with the Meezers. I doubt they listen.

The Crew said...

If you & Brach want to have a private conversation, do it out of earshot of your Agent, just to be on the safe side!

K T Cat said...

I loved it! I also liked the non-translated version. Our Maximum Leader has taken to squeaking recently. I think her voice is changing as she moves into old age.

The Meezers said...

Happy Halloween Kukka and Brach!!!!