Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Sabi is coming to stay at our my house again.  This time...FOR SIX WHOLE MOTHER-FREAKIN' MONTHS!

Apparently, his agent is leaving West Michigan for some place called "I-OH-WAH" for work.  The rub is she's taking her dog, but not her cat.

Yes, THAT DOG!  I am tempted to dress that little Sabit up in a dog suit just to avoid having to deal with him.

So, The Agent, fearing her buddy was going to declaw Sabi to let him live at another house, volunteered us to catsit. Now, while I take a strong stance against declawing, I wish she had volunteered our garage instead our my home.

Wait, wait, WAIT!  Catsit?!  Um, try babysit!  Sabi is 3 years old.  Me? I'm [unintelligible] years old and Brach is 10!  We have matured to the point where sleeping, napping, eating treats, and snoozing are our favorite activities!

Stay tuned, folks.  It's going to get ugly on January 10th.



Simba said...

Well that should stir things up around there again. Good for the agent!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hate it when other cats disturb my household.. well usually it meant a male for me to mate with but still...