Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sabi is Showing Off to Impress Me

So, the boys wrestle...they's been nauseating.

UNTIL...I realized Sabi is TOTALLY trying to impress me with his masculinity.

EXAMPLE #1:  Sabi chases Brach around the living room, while I lounge on the couch. 
I pretend not to pay attention...that's my way.  But, Sabi will trill and meow like crazy to get my attention!  He'll swat at Brach, bite at Brach, and chase Brach with no mercy.  I get, now, that he's looking for me open my eyes and see him for the tom he is.

EXAMPLE #2:  Sabi flexes his muscles every time I'm in a 5' radius of him.
I have no PROOF of this, per say...but I notice his gludious maximus muscles contract when I approach.  Granted, many times he's in the litter box, making a deposit.  But I think it's because he knows I'm watching.

EXAMPLE #3:  Sabi gets crazy mad at Brach.
Sabi knows Brach is my (allegedly gay husband).  I suspect Sabi is also "juicing"...causing the 'roid-rage.  Well, the rage AND the backne.  I'm saying...I see through the fur.  His mother says he's "petite...a small boy," but she's not looking at his neck.  His NECK is effing HUGE!  Yes, he has tiny legs and an incredible six-pack, but the tom is a maniac!

EXAMPLE #4:  Sabi tries to get ear scritches while I'm in The Agent's reach.
He secretly wants to rub against me while he's pretending to get strokes from The Agent.  That woman falls for it all the effing time!  I just throw him my flirty eyes...and hiss.  I find that making him think I'm a physical threat is best.  It worked for capturing Brach in my lasso...

That boy is wrecked over me!  But, can you blame him?


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I certainly can't blame him. Poor cat...or lucky..

The Crew said...

It does appear he's trying to impress you, Kukka. Look at it this's a new opportunity to mold and train the perfect male, correcting all of Brach's flaws, to create a younger second husband!

The Meezers and Billy said...

no I can't blame him - I would do the same thing if I was akshually in the same house as you! - adoringly - Miles