Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Kitty Called "Cash"

Today, The Agent was at her parents' (our grand-dude's) house and came upon a visitor. He explained that he, his wife, and 4-year-old daughter had rescued a kitten from the shelter.

And, then, it cost him over $2,000.

The little boy, "Scamp," was fine, at first. They went to Florida for 2 weeks and paid $65 to a woman (with cats) to care for him (at her home).

Scamp came back to them...sick.

They went to the vet because he wouldn't eat and "wasn't himself."  The initial tests were no less than $100. They decided he needed medicine ($50).

The cat started spiking a fever and they said he had FIP and might not live...then, a day later, his fever went away and his bloodwork was fine.

THEN, because he still wouldn't eat, they took X-Rays. There was a "circular object" in his intestines, as well as a mouse carcass (GO, KITTY!). They needed to operate.

It reminds me of my gay husband's dilemma!

So...needless to say, their new kitty for their 4-year old daughter, has now cost them over $2,000.

I am grateful for people who will commit to an animal, no matter what. We are not disposable!

The Agent rebukes, but I know she will cough up the goods!

Friday, April 23, 2010

She's Lucky

So, The Agent has realized the longest and most successful relationship she has had, in her adult-life, has been with me.

I KNOW, right? This is cause for celebration, not a pity party!

She has been a great pet for me, despite the fact she has trained me to know the sound of my own name, to respond when the word "treats" is uttered (or typed, bitches...), and to cock my head to the side and rub on her when she says, "Love on me?"

I'm not made of wood, people.

I love that Agent o' mine. That's why I insist upon sleeping on top of her or, at least, in the middle of the bed.  That's why I nudge my nose under her mouse-hand when she's on the computer. That's why I pluck at the carpet when I don't feel she is paying enough attention to me. That's why I will lovingly intimidate Brach to acquire his warm sleeping spot.

It's all for you, Agent...all for you.

Our friends lost their dog, Brizzy, this week. Today, love especially hard on your pets...human or otherwise.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sabi is Going Home

He came to stay with us on Jan 11, 2010. Granted, we've had our issues (mostly Brach, as he has been traumatized by the youthful Sabi attacking him), but we're sort of sad he's actually going.

And, by "sad," I mean "ecstatic."  Granted, The Agent isn't in full agreement with me.  She is actually SAD.  Brach?  Well, he will enjoy a well-deserved break!  How many 10 year old cats must endear 3½ months of a pre-pubescent tom, chasing, punching, and biting? Not many in this house...before Sabi's stint.

To honor Sabi, the 3-year old who rocked our world, please enjoy the a look back at our house guest:

I will not go on record as saying I will miss him (because I will NOT miss him...but, super-secretly will. Thank GAWD for the secrecy of parentheses!).  I will say that, while he was here, I got to boss TWO tomcats around

I call that...BLISS!