Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Kitty Called "Cash"

Today, The Agent was at her parents' (our grand-dude's) house and came upon a visitor. He explained that he, his wife, and 4-year-old daughter had rescued a kitten from the shelter.

And, then, it cost him over $2,000.

The little boy, "Scamp," was fine, at first. They went to Florida for 2 weeks and paid $65 to a woman (with cats) to care for him (at her home).

Scamp came back to them...sick.

They went to the vet because he wouldn't eat and "wasn't himself."  The initial tests were no less than $100. They decided he needed medicine ($50).

The cat started spiking a fever and they said he had FIP and might not live...then, a day later, his fever went away and his bloodwork was fine.

THEN, because he still wouldn't eat, they took X-Rays. There was a "circular object" in his intestines, as well as a mouse carcass (GO, KITTY!). They needed to operate.

It reminds me of my gay husband's dilemma!

So...needless to say, their new kitty for their 4-year old daughter, has now cost them over $2,000.

I am grateful for people who will commit to an animal, no matter what. We are not disposable!

The Agent rebukes, but I know she will cough up the goods!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

No we are not disposable! I am glad that that kitty found such a marvelous home. It is too bad that the Woman who was caring for him at her home did not watch him more closely.

Simba said...

This is reminiscent of what happened to my "brother' and their dog - the adopted her from a shelter as a puppy, got her first batch of shots before leaving the shelter, and within a few days she was sick with Parvo virus. It cost them close to $2000 in vet bills. Unfortunately, the high technology available nowadays helps to save lives of pets, but due to the cost, the owners may become wary of adopting any further animals. One of their kitties has cost them about $4500 over 18 months for ailments tests surgery etc related to urinary blockages. And this is a young couple with very limited resources. Wouldn't it be nice if the vets could donate a little time each week or month to providing low cost care for pets adopted from shelters.

Ikaika said...

Excellent suggestion, Simba.

I do remember Brach's "dilemma" ... and of course, the Agent will cough up the goods, Kukka. How could she do otherwise.

The Crew said...

Well, how is poor Scamp doing after going through all that?!

Our Mom feels the same way. Once you make a comittment to an animal, they become a family member and deserve care. She thinks, over the years, she's paid out so much she could have put herself through veterinary school!

Brach's dilemma was exactly the same as mine. Thread around the teeth and down into the intestines. Luckily, we both survived.

Your friend

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