Friday, April 16, 2010

Sabi is Going Home

He came to stay with us on Jan 11, 2010. Granted, we've had our issues (mostly Brach, as he has been traumatized by the youthful Sabi attacking him), but we're sort of sad he's actually going.

And, by "sad," I mean "ecstatic."  Granted, The Agent isn't in full agreement with me.  She is actually SAD.  Brach?  Well, he will enjoy a well-deserved break!  How many 10 year old cats must endear 3½ months of a pre-pubescent tom, chasing, punching, and biting? Not many in this house...before Sabi's stint.

To honor Sabi, the 3-year old who rocked our world, please enjoy the a look back at our house guest:

I will not go on record as saying I will miss him (because I will NOT miss him...but, super-secretly will. Thank GAWD for the secrecy of parentheses!).  I will say that, while he was here, I got to boss TWO tomcats around

I call that...BLISS!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

It is always more fun to have more cats to boss around!

The Meezes or Billy said...

we hopes he doesn't miss YOU too much! depression can be a awful thing!

The Crew said...

You were definitely in your element there, Kukka!