Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fleeting Facebook Fame

The Agent has already disbanded my Facebook Fan Club!


She said that, as the Administrator, she was giving up her too much of her anonymity as she was suddenly having to manage a bunch of crazy and unknown friend requests for her own profile. 

So, apparently, her comfort and happiness takes priority over my fans.


For now, imagine my Facebook status update as such:

Empress Kukka-Maria: is totally miffed and is plotting her revenge. While the specifics are currently unclear, she suspects it will involve some the flicking of bodily waste where it doesn't belong.

Thanks to all who joined or expressed interest!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Facebook Fans Unite

Yeah, I did it. Screw Catster (on a side note, I totally love you and don't know why I would write something contrary)!

I'm going to now reside on Facebook (I'm not going to delete my blog, but...I will be posting more frequently (and briefly) on Facebook). If you want to find me there, search for me. I'm Feline Empress Kukka-Maria.

I'll totally keep the blog for more, um...elaborate topics.

Also...the Twitter account is going to be deleted. I feel like I'm telling you that Santa, The Easter Bunny, AND The Tooth Fairy are fake!

Love me, still?